Relocation moving faster for refugees

Relocation moving faster for refugees

Refugees in Chennai will be moving faster than originally planned.  Issues with hunger and agitation of some of the refugees have necessitated that the relocation of these individuals be moved up.  There are some detention center camps that will also be undergoing a move.

There are at least five inmates in special detention camps that will be relocated to normal camps.  There has been a decision to move these individuals within 45 days into normal camps.  The inmates also decided to go on a hunger strike of their own.

Other refugees who are in camps are asking to be released.  The normal camps were set up for those moving out of their country and into a border country.  They have been detained in the camps for various reasons, such as checking passports for legality.  Some of the inmates involved in the camps were kept on suspicion of passport issues.

One family spoke out about his brother in the normal camp, stating that his detention has delayed his brother’s marriage.  An appeal to the Chief Minister has been made to hurry up the process and allow the refugees to be released.  Their families are seeking a quick solution so that they can be together again.  The appeal may help get the inmates in special camps moved to normal camps and get other refugees moved more quickly to their release.  Things are difficult in Chennai and areas of Sri Lanka based on refugees and the normal camps.

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