Rothamsted Research and Plant announces relocation

Rothamsted Research and Plant announces relocation

The headquarters of Rothamsted Research and Plant Impact has announced its intention to undergo business relocation.  The business relocation will be from Preston, Lancashire to Harpenden, Hertfordshire.  This UK company may not mean much to you in the business world of the US, but there is a reason for it being mentioned.

This company is one that studies environmental stress on crops in order to produce better yields.  As a green research company it is important that it considers where it will conduct its office move to.  It was decided that it would undergo an office move to Green Enterprise Science Park.

This means that it has chosen a location that is all about being ‘green’.  If you sell organic clothing or other products, an office move to a location that is considered green could benefit your company image.  You definitely want to upgrade your business image whenever you relocate.  Consumers are all about being kind to the environment through better cars to drive, better products to buy, and where they shop.  A person is more likely to spend a little more on an item that is green than spend less on something that is not; however, they may hesitate if it seems like your office is in a bad location, such as one that is not being very green.

This is why a company like Rothamsted announcing relocation might help you to think about how to please your consumers a little more with a green relocation that could significantly help reduce your impact on the environment.

Jon Huser