Russia and China veto UN resolution

Russia and China veto UN resolution

Trouble may be brewing that we are unprepared for as citizens.  For the last several years we have concentrated on the war in Iraq, with many of the US troops undergoing military moves each year to Afghanistan and Iraq to fight Al-Qaeda.

Now there is a civil war that is escalating in Syria, which is actually sparking much concern for the US and may require new military moves.  Russia and China are blocking the UN in terms of trying to stop the civil war.  Russia is still going to supply weapons to Syria, despite the UN and US being opposed to such a move.

The new plan was vetoed mostly due to Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, under which force could be used to end the conflict.  It also says that non-military sanctions against Syria’s regime could happen if troops were not withdrawn along with the many weapons that are populating the area.  The situation is going to continue to get worse unless some action is taken.

Whether this needs to be a military move or not is something that does need to be decided.  Troops are certainly moving to get ready should action be needed, but could this actually spark more trouble between the UN, China and Russia than what would be good for the entire world?  Russia and China certainly do not care for US involvement, and though the UN includes other countries, it is mostly considered ‘Western’ and thus a problem too for Russia and China.