Self-Service Movers Offer Temporary Storage Solutions

Self-Service Movers Offer Temporary Storage Solutions

self storage solutionOne of the newest trends in the moving industry is the self-service moving company.  In recent years, self-service movers have become one of the more popular moving solutions for residential and commercial relocations.  A self-service move during the relocation process is a cost-effective and flexible option that allows more freedom for both.

The greatest benefit of hiring a self-service moving company to help with your next relocation is that you get the benefit of professional drivers moving your belongings but with the flexibility of more time when it comes to the packing process.  Such services also allow you to incorporate temporary storage with your move, if necessary.

In most cases during a move of this type, a moving company will deliver a portable storage unit self-service moving companies offer more services than just that.  Depending on the type of service you request, they may even load everything up for you.  It just depends on what you need for the particular move. When you are ready, they’ll pick it up and transport it to the new place.

Another wonderful benefit of a self-service moving company is the option for temporary storage.  All too often, we hear of a new home or building being constructed, but not available until one’s lease is up.  This can put you in quite a challenging predicament with having to move all of your stuff out of one location but having nowhere to put it!  Temporary storage can really save the day.

If your needs for storage are more complex or you’d rather not pack, box, move or store everything on your own, you may want to discuss a full-service moving and storage option.  This may allow you to have the storage unit picked up from one location, placed in the storage facility, and then brought to you when ready.

Jon Huser