Seniors: Deciding If You Should Move

Seniors: Deciding If You Should Move

There are always plenty of reasons to move, especially for senior citizens.  Changes in lifestyle, health, and retirement are just a few of those reasons while some seniors may want to move to be closer to their family. When deciding if it is the right time to move, there are a few things you must think about.

Access to Quality Health Care

As a senior citizen you may be experiencing a decline in your health.  If this is the case, you need to consider your future, both long-term and short.  If you are thinking about relocation, you should consider all your options.  Perhaps in-home care is right for you.  Or, perhaps you should consider a retirement community.

Community and Recreation

When you move to a new community as a senior, you probably will want to find out about what recreational services and activities are available.  Depending on your lifestyle, you should also check out the senior’s network for other available services including cleaning, transportation, home repair, and homecare.

Support Groups

You may be moving from a home you have lived in for a very long time.  Such a move, regardless of how exciting it may be, can also be quite hard emotionally.  You may be moving to a neighborhood where you don’t know anyone.  This transition can be challenging as an older adult.  It is important to check for support groups that can help you through this part of your move.  Such groups are also ideal places to meet others.

– Jon Huser