Should You Insure Your Possessions Before a Move?

Should You Insure Your Possessions Before a Move?

Insure your personal belongingsWhen you move there is always a chance of something getting broken, damaged, or even lost.  The good news is that when you hire a reputable moving company, they will offer some coverage for your belongings for free, per Federal Law.  Unfortunately, this coverage isn’t very much.

So, if you are getting ready to move into a new home, we want you to know what your protection options are.  There are really four basic options:

  1. Limited Liability Coverage.  If your movers provide this for free, take them up on it.  It won’t hurt to have it but it won’t cover much if you do actually end up needing it.  Most reputable movers do offer a version of this type of protection.
  2. Full-Value Replacement Protection.  If you are concerned about protecting your possessions during your relocation, pay a little more to your moving company and opt in.  This provides better coverage should any items become lost or damaged during the move.  A few movers even offer “pairs and sets” coverage with this option.  But, get it in writing. 
  3. Third-Party Insurance.  You can opt to purchase a separate relocation insurance policy through a third-party.
  4. Homeowners Insurance.  Some homeowner insurance policies cover costs incurred by damages caused during moving.  However, do not assume you are covered, always check with your policy prior to your move.

It is best to decide up front what your needs are for coverage.  This way your mover can either include or not the cost in your original estimate.  Before you make your final decision on these different options, it is important that you understand that moving companies do not provide actual insurance.  The protection they provide is valuation protection, which is similar to insurance but not the same.  Valuation protection is regulated by the Federal government while insurance is regulated by your state.

– Lance Grooms