Snow White for adults

Snow White for adults

Snow White is appearing on television and the big screen several times this year.  It does seem that Hollywood is enjoying resurrecting one of the oldest fairy tales.

Snow White and the Huntsman is coming out in theaters on June 1st.  What has most excited is who will be playing the different characters.  Mirror Mirror has been out in theaters for several weeks and has Julia Roberts playing the evil queen.  Charlize Theron will be the evil queen this time around, with Kristen Stewart as the princess.  The movie promises to be darker than others previously seen.  The recent clip shown to increase everyone’s awareness of the upcoming movie showed the two women in their battle.  The battle will probably end in the same way as usual, but then again there are some rumors that perhaps things will go a little differently in this dark tale.

Theron is considered one of the hottest stars in the film, with her tight outfits and slender body.  In one shot she has an 80-pound costume, which she stated left bruises after the fight scene.

Stewart was also in a full metal outfit.  It may seem more like a guy movie, with its darkness and the tight costumes on attractive women, but it will probably bring in all crowds from the teenagers on up.  It should prove an entertaining two hours with at least one great actress, as Theron has definitely the skills to keep us interested as the evil queen.

Jon Huser