So You’re Moving to Florida?

So You’re Moving to Florida?

Relocating to FloridaSo, you’re packing it up and moving to the Sunshine State?  Moving to Florida can be exciting and promising, but there are plenty of surprises that come with it if you aren’t prepared.  For one, its nickname – there is plenty of rain in Florida!  Read on to get an overview about what Florida is all about; this information may make your relocation easier.

The Weather

Yes, there is plenty of sun in Florida, but that isn’t 100% of the time.  Florida’s weather is often hot and humid.  Temperatures in the high 80s or 90s are the norm, especially in the summer.  However, the winters are also very warm with only a few cool or even cold days.  Aside from the heat and humidity, you must consider hurricanes when relocating to Florida.  Hurricanes become a fact of life when you move to the state, so do your research and be prepared.


If you move to Florida, you will definitely need a car.  Most public transportation is limited to a bus here and there.  The public transportation system throughout the state is not very well-developed.  Also, Florida has sprawling cities, so it isn’t easy to walk from one location to another.


You may want to consider the state’s diversity before you move to Florida.  The panhandle region is considered conservative and economically disadvantaged.  South Florida is not necessarily more liberal, just more diverse in every way.  The economy depends on the military bases, theme parks, agriculture, and tourism.


The overall style of Florida is very laid back and casual.  Flip-flops are the norm as far as footwear goes.  Moving to Florida from almost anywhere else in the United States can involve quite a bit of culture shock.  With very few cold days, many residents only own a single jacket, if that.

– Lance Grooms