SoCal Foreclosure is a Steal

SoCal Foreclosure is a Steal

In today’s housing market and economic upset, it seems that no one is safe from a possible foreclosure.  In fact, there are plenty of millionaire foreclosures – of the rich and not so famous!  We’ve recently come across a posh estate in southern California whose owners have been forced to move out.

The Mediterranean-style home in San Juan Capistrano, California was listed on the market this past February for $4.2 million.  The house is about 11,000 square feet and rests on almost 3 acres of land.  The foreclosure is worth millions more, so if you have that kind of money and want to move to SoCal, go for it!

With 6 bedrooms and 6.75 bathrooms, the house is almost a resort with a huge pool boasting several waterfalls and even a water slide.  So, if you are moving in with the kids, they will have plenty of space for those afternoon pool parties.

The private estate was built in 2010 and is situated inside a gated community with access to the major highways in the area.  Walking through the front door also offers a feeling of opulence right away – a grand entry space with marble floors and high ceilings.  Looking out the windows you’ll see views of the ocean in the distance.  For horse lovers, the land is zoned for that as well.

One more thing, the house also has a wood-paneled library and an awesome spiral staircase.  Anyone wanting to live it up in California should consider moving right away.  This foreclosure is a real steal.

Katie Steil