Storage Solutions

There is one thing you should know about any storage facility: if you don’t take proper care to prepare your things before you place them into storage, they may be damaged.  This is absolutely true for both full-service storage and self-storage.  So, before you throw your leather couch into any storage facility, let’s talk about how you should prepare.

Placing a leather couch (or any leather furniture, such as loveseats, chairs, and so on) into storage is usually fine.  But, if you are not careful, you could risk damaging the leather.  And we all know that leather furniture doesn’t come cheap!

First and foremost, you need to know that leather furniture can easily be damaged by extreme temperature fluctuations – the couch could shrivel, split, or even warp.  This means that you have got to make sure that there are no extreme temperature changes in your storage facility.  So, if you are using a full-service storage center, ask about the temperature range throughout the year.  You will also want to ask about a climate-controlled unit.

The other thing you need to remember is that leather must be able to breathe, so never cover the leather couch with a plastic tarp – use only fabric.  If you do decide to cover the couch with a fabric tarp, then treat the couch with a spray-on leather conditioner.  A professional moving consultant will be able to best advise about additional preparation tips.

Jon Huser