Storing Gardening Gear

Storing Gardening Gear

If you can’t take your gardening gear with you when you move, consider putting it into storage instead of getting rid of it right away.  Doing so will allow you the opportunity to find a new home in which you might use such mechanical devices at a later time. Storing your gardening gear is also a good idea if you are between houses as well.

When you place gardening and other mechanical devices in storage, there are some things you should keep in mind.  First of all, gardening gear may include your shovels, hoses, blowers, lawn mowers, and edging machines for example.  Basically, these tips apply to anything you might find in your shed or garage.

Preparing your gardening gear for storage is usually pretty simple.  In most cases, it is a good idea to simply follow the tips and guidelines found in the owner’s manual.  You can also contact the manufacturer to see if there is any specific advice.  Most of the time you will need to remove the fuel, check the lubricant levels, and make sure everything is clean.  Remember never to put such items into boxes, but it is a good idea to cover them with tarp.

As long as you carefully place your gardening gear into storage correctly, you should not have to worry about the condition they will be in when you take them out. Moving doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all of your belongings – it just means that you might have to consider your options; including storage facilities and other storage solutions.

Jon Huser