Storms Pound Southern U.S.

Storms Pound Southern U.S.

Storms hit USThough the southern region of the United States is no stranger to severe weather, for the last couple of days it has really taken a beating. In fact, lives have been lost and homes have been demolished.  The end is nowhere in sight and it seems as though yet more storms are moving into the region.

The storms have spread across East Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi.  The climatic mix has involved severe thunderstorms moving into tornadoes and wreaking havoc even as far east as North Carolina.  Dozens of people have been killed and countless others are having to deal with the clear up and sorting out the aftermath.

This devastation comes at a tough time for many residents of the region where the economy is still struggling and people are still unemployed.  The destruction is incredible, with hundreds of homes now uninhabitable.  To add insult to injury, these storms moved into the area after massive flooding and damage from tornadoes earlier in the week.

Tornadoes are incredibly deadly and violent storms that can move at a very rapid pace.  Often, there is very little warning, but when possible people must seek shelter underground.  Roofs can be torn off homes, cars can be thrown about, and intensive damage can occur.  If you have a tornado warning, pay attention and move fast.
We wish everyone in the south the best during these trying times.

Katie Steil