Taking on a Military DITY Move

Taking on a Military DITY Move

Moving with the militaryDid you know that if you have to move with the military the government will pay? Want to know more? What this actually means is that they will find and hire a moving company to pack up your home and move you to where you need to go. But, you don’t have to work with a moving company if you don’t want to – you can take on a military DITY move.

A military DITY move is when you basically pack and move yourself. When you choose this option, the government still pays – just for 90% or more of what it would have cost them to hire movers to do the job. The moving options are up to you – you can hire a company of your own choosing, do the labor yourself and use portable storage units or a rental truck, or a combination of the two.

A military DITY move may actually end up making you money since it often costs people a lot less to do a move themselves rather than hire a company to do the work. Military DITY moves are usually a preferred option for many military families, but just make sure you are prepared for the work involved.

Don’t forget to meet with your transportation office before making any relocation decisions. In some cases, you might not be authorized to do the move on your own. Remember, if you undertake a military DITY move but didn’t have permission beforehand, you will definitely not be reimbursed.

– Lance Grooms