Taylor Swift’s New House

Taylor Swift’s New House

As you may already know, the Academy of Country Music Awards has named young starlet and singer Taylor Swift “Entertainer of the Year”.  That’s a pretty big deal for a 22-year-old girl, if you ask us.  To celebrate this glorious achievement, Miss Swift is moving into a home of her own.

Who wouldn’t move into a bigger house if they were “Entertainer of the Year?”  The move is a natural one for such a successful young singer-song writer.

The house is an unusual specimen for the region in which it is nestled.  It is a classic New England colonial set on the West Coast, in Beverly Hills no less.  Sure, we’d expect such a house in Connecticut or New Hampshire, but California?  Well, who ever said anything was conventional in L.A.?

As we understand, Swift will be moving into the house shortly.  She paid $3.97 million for the colonial, which has 4 bedrooms and just as many bathrooms.  The house is set back about an acre or so from the road and is situated behind a set of protective gates – perfect for protecting the pop singer’s privacy.

The rolling green lawn of the house backs right up to French doors and an open patio.  The overgrown arbor will further protect her privacy and tennis courts will provide plenty of fun.  The one thing that is missing from this home’s backyard, which is another unusual feature (or lack thereof), is a swimming pool. We don’t know many celebs that would move into an L.A. house without one!  Perhaps she is considering building one of her own?

Katie Steil