The Best Cities for Military Families

The Best Cities for Military Families

Where is best for Military Families to move to?Of course there are plenty of great cities throughout the United States, but have you ever really thought about which ones are ideal for military families?  Military families have special needs, so house hunting and relocation can be particularly challenging.  For one, military families may need to move frequently.  Though it can be difficult to predict what the housing market has in store, these are some of the best cities for military families who need to relocate.

U.S. Marine Corps Base: Camp Pendleton in Pendleton, California

The population of Camp Pendleton is about 8,000.  The base is situated quite close to San Clemente, Oceanside, San Diego, Carlsbad, and San Juan Capistrano.  Generally speaking, Oceanside is where you will find many military families as the homes are quite affordable, ranging from $270,000 to $400,000.  Unfortunately for previous homeowners, there are plenty of foreclosures to move into as well which makes finding a deal a little easier.

U.S. Army Base: Fort Knox in Radcliff, Kentucky

Even if you aren’t part of a military family chances are you have heard of Fort Knox.  About 11,000 people live on Fort Knox which means there is a high demand for affordable and decent housing.  If you are about to relocate to this area, take a look at the nearby cities of Vine Grove and Elizabethtown as both have great schools and a good selection of homes.   The average price for a home in this area is about $136,000, though the prices are steadily on the rise.  This means that buying a house in this particular area is a wise and safe investment.

U.S. Air Force Base: Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City, South Dakota

For Air Force families needing to relocate to South Dakota, the Ellsworth Air Force Base is probably where they are headed.  Currently, the median household income is about $35,000 which has a corresponding average home price of about $136,000.  About six years ago, the average cost of homes in the area was at $268,000.  With the recent stability showing in the economy, home prices have begun to climb once again.  Much of this area’s economy is driven by tourism so non-military family members may also be able to find employment opportunities fairly easily.

U.S. Army Base: Fort Drum near Watertown, New York

Military families on the move may find Fort Drum to be an idea location.  The base’s population is about 13,000 and the current average home price in the surrounding areas is about $126,000.  Two of the most popular towns for settling military families include Carthage and Evans Mills.  It is worth mentioning that there is not a large amount of turnover of homes in these areas which gives the area some welcome stability.
No matter where you want to live, you also should consider the potential for education (if you have a family) and job growth when relocating.  Remember: the more stable the area, the better off your family will likely be once you move.

-Lance Grooms