The Best Places to Lead a Healthy Life

The Best Places to Lead a Healthy Life

If you haven’t noticed by now, there are quite a few different reports out there letting families know what the best places to raise your family are. But, if you are thinking of relocating, where should you move?

Most of these so-called reports on where families should move examine test scores, divorce rates, economic growth, and crime rates. But those shouldn’t be the only factors when considering relocating. What about healthcare? What about pollution?

According to the Commonwealth Fund’s “U.S. Variations in Child Health System Performance: A State Scorecard” here are some of the best places to move to live a healthy life:

10 – New Mexico
9 – North Dakota
8 – Wyoming
7 – Minnesota
6 – Washington
5 – Colorado
4 – New Hampshire
3 – Utah
2 – Maine
1 – Vermont

These states, according to the study, all allow our children to grow up leading happier, healthier lives. The top ten list above may surprise you – is your state shown? If you are thinking of raising a family, perhaps you might want to move to one of the states we’ve just shared with you.

The list ranked states based on their infant mortality rates and the risk children have for developmental delays. As you can see, Vermont had the lowest rank among all factors thus making it the best place to live for a healthy life based upon these factors.

Wondering which states ranked the worst? We’ll give you an idea of the very bottom – Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. These states had the highest mortality rates and children living there have the highest risk of developmental delays.

Jon Huser