The most forgotten items when moving

The most forgotten items when moving

With over 43 million Americans likely to move to a new house this year alone, the odds are high that even the most organized of movers are unlikely to be able to remember every little tiny detail about the relocation – or every item.  The chances of you not forgetting to bring something important with you increase if you keep in mind the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

It is very important to remember any valuables that you may have safely stashed away in different places in your home.  Valuable items including jewelry should be carried on your person or placed in a safety deposit box for the sake of security rather than left on the moving company van.

Old phone numbers are something that often get forgotten during the madness of relocation, and any phone books from your current location should be taken with you to your new abode.  You might believe that you will have no trouble remembering some phone numbers due to the fact that you currently call them so frequently, but the chances are that you will end up being forced to pay out a small fortune in charges for directory assistance to try to tie up loose ends or get back in touch with old friends.

It is also crucial to remember to take back movie rentals, library books or other items that you currently have on loan before you move, as well as to pick up items such as clothes or watches that may be being cleaned, repaired or stored.

Jon Huser