Tips for avoiding bed bugs

Tips for avoiding bed bugs

The bad news when it comes to bed bugs is that the bloodthirsty little creatures are on the rise across Europe, Australia and North America, reaching what has been described as epidemic proportions.  The good news, however, is that there are ways of stopping bed bugs from making a move into your home and methods of preventing a full-on infestation in the event that a number of them do manage to do so.

One good tip is to know how to recognize a bed bug when you see one.  Bed bugs are reddish brown in color and have an oval flat body that measures around half an inch in length.  Bed bugs often hide near to the bed, although they can also spread to other parts of the home over a period of time.  Many insects found on or near the body are not actually bed bugs, so it is important to confirm the identity of the interloper before starting pest control efforts aimed at bed bugs.

It is important to understand precisely how bed bugs make their relocation into your home in the first place.  One common point of access is via your luggage, clothing, computer or other personal effects after you have stayed elsewhere or been anywhere where the creatures are present. This may even include public transportation.

Should bed bugs make it into your home, it is vital to know where you can find them.  As the name suggests, the creatures love the bed, especially the box spring, frame and mattress, as well as other places like laptop computers!

Lance Grooms