Tips for packing a washing machine

Tips for packing a washing machine

You are making a move to somewhere completely new. You have probably already packed up almost all of your possessions in the proper manner in order to make sure that the relocation to your new destination is achieved in a timely and safe way; however, one item that you may not have packed yet is your washing machine, for the simple reason that you have no idea what the correct way to pack it actually is.

Still, the washing machine does need to be packed so that it can be securely transported to your brand new home.  The good news is that there are a few tips that should make it simpler to pack your washing machine in the right way.

To start with you, you should do your last bit of washing several days prior to the day of the move and all the water can then drained from the washer.  The washer should be tipped sideways so that any remaining water empties out of the water hose, if this is actually possible for your machine.  A hand towel should then be made use of in order to thoroughly clean the inner surface.

All components and fittings should be removed and stored in a plastic bag, and then placed in a marked box.  Towels should be stuffed between the sides of the washing machine and the tub in order to make sure that the tub does not spin, and the container should be filled with linen and clothes.  Refer to the user’s guide for specific instructions for your make and model.