Tips to Protect Belongings During Move

Tips to Protect Belongings During Move

It doesn’t matter whether you have decided to pack up your things and move yourself or hire a moving company to do the job, your belongings need protection.  Even if you are really careful or get the assurances of the movers that they are the best at what they do, unexpected things can happen when relocating.  That’s why moving insurance is an important aspect to consider before you start packing.

If you have homeowner’s insurance, your policy probably will cover up to about 10% of the value of your stuff.  That includes coverage for breakage and theft during transit, or relocation.  Of course, you must also meet your deductible.  However, many moving companies also offer their own protection plans to supplement your homeowner’s insurance.

While the amount of coverage you have through your own insurance will vary, it is a good idea to check into the exact amounts before you opt for the mover’s valuation coverage.  After you do that, discuss the consumer protection plans that your moving company has to offer and make your selection based on your needs.

Here’s a quick moving checklist to ensure that your belongings are protected before you move:

  1. Figure out how much protection you need.
  2. Create an inventory of everything that’s being moved.
  3. Figure out the replacement value of all your stuff.
  4. Take pictures of everything.
  5. Inspect all furniture before and after the move.
  6. File a claim and document all complaints immediately if any damage does occur.

Katie Steil