Top 5 Fall Activities to Enjoy to Get to Know Your New Neighborhood

Top 5 Fall Activities to Enjoy to Get to Know Your New Neighborhood

Fall is the perfect time to get out and explore your new neighborhood. The weather isn’t scorching hot, nor is it too cold, and the community is out in full swing. So, don’t hibernate in your home just yet. Get out in the neighborhood, have some fun and create some memories with new friends, and ones that’ll help you stay warm all winter long.

Spend a Day at the Orchard

The fall season is a great time to head to your local orchard and pick some fresh apples. So bring the family and make a day of it. Most orchards have other family-friendly activities, such as apple-bobbing stations and little lounges to enjoy some hot apple cider. So, head to the one closest to your neighborhood and see what your new community is all about, while also picking up some fresh, juicy apples. Mmm.

Enjoy the Fall Foliage

There’s no denying that fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of all. The colors are changing to beautiful colors and the local trails are starting to look like a scene straight out of a movie. So, grab the family and head to a local hiking trail. Take some pictures, share a friendly smile with any passerby-ers, and when you’re all tried out from the walk, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant. Getting familiar with the area and frequent faces will help you turn your new house into your new home.

Visit the Local Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market always has plenty to do for the entire family, and being able to pick up freshly made apple pies from others within the community is always a tasty bonus. So, spend a day at the local farmer’s market; see what kind of hidden talents your neighbors have up their sleeves and support your local community while also treating yourself to some fresh produce and treats.

Head to the Local Pumpkin Patch

When it’s the fall season, a trip to the local pumpkin patch is a must. You might have to head outside of the city lines for this fall activity but your neighbors are doing the same! So, it’s a great way to connect with people from all areas around your new home while also enjoying some fall festivities outside. Plus, you need to get pumpkins anyway. Might as well do it with your new neighbors!

Most pumpkin patches have all kinds of other activities to do, such as haunted houses, wagon rides, corn mazes and more. So, find the best one in the area and make it a day trip.

Take a Trip to a Local Holiday Market

‘Tis the season for all kinds of local holiday markets. These little pop-up shopping experiences have the essence of the season, the sense of community you’re looking for, and all the things you need to finally complete your holiday shopping. So, grab the family and check out what your local community has to offer. These markets only come around once-a-year and you certainly won’t want to miss out! The things you find at a local holiday market are certain to give you that sense of community… And the homemade treats are always a nice addition.

Don’t hibernate in front of your new fireplace just yet. The winter season is holding off and the fall season is presenting plenty of opportunities for you to get out and enjoy your new neighborhood. From fall festivals to pumpkin patches, local orchards, holiday markets and much more, now is the perfect time to see what’s happening in the community.