Top Las Vegas Casinos

Top Las Vegas Casinos

The Las Vegas Strip is home to some stunning casino hotels and resorts.  With their stunning opulence and grandeur they can even be seen from space!  Here are the five top casinos according to customer satisfaction, revenue and amenities:

Bellagio is one of the most luxurious hotel casinos in Las Vegas.  It boasts a golf course, an exciting gaming floor and stunning views.  The hotel and rooms sport spacious and classy layouts.

MGM Grand, with its two iconic golden lions, has by far the largest casino in Las Vegas.  Its vast gaming hall is teaming with gaming tables where you can enjoy a game of baccarat or blackjack as well as roulette in spacious surroundings.  The hotel takes your breath away with its state of the art hotel rooms.

The Venetian’s hotel and resort complex is the largest in the world.  Its casino offers endless gaming possibilities.  Play a game of poker in the huge, opulent and marble-floored poker room.  Or relax in one of its many top-notch rooms.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino ranks highly amongst gamers and vacationers alike.  It is a casino and resort in one – it even has its own beach.  It is the haunt of the rich and famous, who come here to play blackjack and roulette but more modest gaming is also available, with numerous slot machines on the casino floor.

Caesars Palace looks just that, like a Roman emperor’s palace, with its huge marble columns and fountains.   Don’t be put off by its grandeur; there are still 5¢ and 25¢ slot machines for the modest gamer to enjoy.

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