Uh-Oh You’re Closing Date Changed – Call the Movers!

Uh-Oh You’re Closing Date Changed – Call the Movers!

So, you’re all packed and the movers are scheduled to arrive. Your phone rings. It’s your mortgage lender with some bad news – the closing has been rescheduled. What do you do? First thing – don’t panic! Just call the moving company ahead of time and reschedule.

When it comes to closing a house, you know there are so many pieces to the puzzle. Everything has to be coordinated just so, in order for everything to go smoothly. As long as you’ve provided all the paperwork in a timely manner, you should be all right. But perhaps the lender is backed up or the sellers have a problem.

Be Prepared
As the buyer, you don’t want to quit your job near closing time, as it is critical in proving that you are receiving a sufficient income. Remember, until the closing happens, the house isn’t yours! As the seller, you need to be ready as well. Make sure you are prepared for the final walk-through. If the buyers are expecting certain items to be left behind (think curtains and mirrors) don’t pack them!

Get Ready
When it comes to moving into your own home, anything can happen. For example, if the seller files for bankruptcy at the last minute before the closing, he or she may no longer be in the position to sell the house. That will definitely put a damper on your moving in. Another issue that may come up is when one party is out of town for the closing.

Just remember to listen to your lender and keep the lines open. Be ready for any number of weird problems that might hinder your move in date and closing. Hopefully, however, you will be amongst the millions of people for whom the closing day works out just fine.

Jon Huser.