Vehicle Preparation for a Trip or Move

     It’s a good idea to make sure you take your vehicle to a reputable mechanic and have it inspected before you move, especially if you are going to be moving long distance.  For the best vehicle preparation it is particularly important that a qualified mechanic inspects the vehicle as a whole, focusing especially on the tires, tire pressure, brakes, oil, coolant and other fluid levels as well as the hauling and weight-bearing components.  If you will be loading your vehicle with many boxes or odds and ends from your home, be sure you leave enough room to safely and legally control your vehicle during the move.   Refer to your Owner’s manual for specific recommendations.

     It might not be a bad idea to bring a gallon of water, quart of oil and a flashlight.  Some other things to consider for your move are: jumper cables, gas can, tow strap or chain.  Of course it’s important to make sure to have a spare tire.  A spare tire is great, but what if it is not completely filled with air?  Make sure the spare is ready to go and that you have a jack, proper tools to operate the jack as well as to take off/put on the lug nuts.  If it’s winter, make sure to pack the appropriate clothing, blankets and snacks.

     The right preparation can not only save time and money, but also can help you have a safer travels to your new home.  Good luck with your move, if you’re looking for a reputable moving company, check out the myBMS Moving & Storage Website and you can get an estimate based on the information you provide.  From that estimate you can schedule a free in-home appointment and also book your move online.  As always you can call to schedule the free in- home appointment yourself.  (

-Jon Huser