WebTitle leaves downtown

WebTitle leaves downtown

Faced with the problem of having an increasing number of staff members but nowhere in downtown Rochester able to offer adequate parking facilities, WebTitle Agency is shifting 135 of its employees to Brighton.  The real estate legal company is also set to open an office downtown for 15 people in order to cater for its local real estate transaction services.

WebTitle occupies over 15,000 square feet in its current office space in Rochester’s Cascade District, where it has been for the last five years.  “We’ve really been in the need for additional space for a year and a half, two years,” noted the president, John Nitsche, on Wednesday, not long after his own office had been packed up for the move.  “We’ve been sitting on top of each other.”

With no extra space to be found in its current building, the company tried to find another location downtown but was unable to find one that also offered dedicated parking space.  “We believe in the center city,” Nitsche admits, saying that making the decision that relocation was the only answer was a tough one.  “For businesses to expand in the center city, the stakeholders need to come up with a plan for parking.

As of Monday, the bulk of WebTitle’s employees will be working on Canal View Boulevard in Brighton, which offers 31,000 square feet of office space.  The new offices are expected to be able to support the company for the next six to seven years.

Jon Huser