What Are Employee Relocation Services?

What Are Employee Relocation Services?

Anyone who works in the Human Resources department of a business or is an employee getting ready to move on behalf of the company should know a little bit about employee relocation services.  First of all, what are they?  Basically, employee relocation services are defined simply as a package of measures implemented to aid the employee in their residential move when the company has asked their employee to move.

Most businesses that offer employee relocation packages use third-party employee relocation services to manage the moving budget, ensure billing accuracy, and perform audits on the move.  Services that may also be included are home sale assistance, expense processing, home finding, relocation counseling, moving assistance, immigration and visa support, language training, and so on.

A professional moving company who services employee relocations will provide assistance to not only the employee but also the business.  In fact, many human resource managers turn to such professionals to help make the relocation process easier on both the employer and the company.  While the company will foot the bill for employee relocation services, the employee actually enjoys the benefits at no cost.

Though there are plenty of employee relocation companies out there, many businesses opt to handle such services in-house.  If that is the case, the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the HR manager and can be quite time-consuming.  However, such services are absolutely essential to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for the employee.  Remember – a happy employee is a productive employee.

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