What Are Self-Service Movers?

What Are Self-Service Movers?

Now that you are getting ready to relocate, you’ve probably got a lot of questions.  One of them might be how you’re going to get your stuff from the old house to the new.  Traditionally, there were two choices when it came to moving – hiring a moving company or doing it yourself.  Today, we also have the option of self-service movers.  So, what are they exactly?

A self-service mover is a great option that actually relieves you of the responsibility of driving the moving truck and allows a little more flexibility than full-service moving services.  Basically, the company will provide you with a storage container that you will pack and unpack and they’ll load and transport it for you.

Depending on your needs, the self-service moving company will provide you with a variety of storage containers ranging in size.  These containers are great for moving the contents of a small apartment or even a large house, so the type of house you have, really doesn’t matter.  The storage containers are weatherproof and have an ideal construction to carry and protect your possessions.

When you deal with a self-service moving company, you can take your time loading and unloading the container.  Once you have loaded it up, the moving company will come, pick up the container, and transport it to your new home.  If you need more time or temporary storage between houses, the company can also take your storage container to a climate-controlled facility until you are ready to have it delivered.

Jon Huser