What Happens on Closing Day?

What Happens on Closing Day?

If you are getting ready to move into your first home, chances are that you are getting pretty excited as closing day approaches.  So, now that the home of your dreams is just a few days away, you may be wondering exactly what happens on closing day.  As long as everything is in order, closing day will be a snap and you’ll be moving in in no time.

You will be required to attend a closing meeting so don’t forget your current identification.  At the meeting you’ll likely also see the sellers (or their representative), the real estate agents, and attorneys.  In most cases, the closing meeting will take place at a law firm or title agency.

On the closing date, you will be signing all the paperwork that transfers the ownership of the home from the sellers to you.  This paperwork commits you to the repayment of the mortgage and ultimately allows you to move into your new home.   Just be prepared for a mountain of paperwork!

During the closing meeting you will need to show proof that you have taken out property insurance.  If you do not have this evidence, you won’t be able to complete the closing and will experience delays in your relocation.  Proof of insurance lets the bank know that the investment is protected.

Finally, you’ll be paying the down payment for your home as long as you are paying for part of the property upfront.  In most cases, a cashier’s check will be required, though still bring your checkbook for any closing costs.  Once you’ve made it through the pile of paperwork and payments, you’ll be getting the keys to your new home.  Happy moving!

– Katie Steil