What if the Movers Don’t Show Up With My Stuff?

What if the Movers Don’t Show Up With My Stuff?

OK, so you’ve gotten through the craziness of packing up your house and seeing your shipment off with the moving truck.  But it’s not over – your shipment still has to arrive at your new house.  So, you’re a little nervous – that’s normal.  But, what do you do if the unspeakable happens?  What if the movers you’ve hired just don’t show up?

It is very possible that the movers might not arrive on the planned day, especially if you are moving a long distance.  This typically would not occur if you are simply moving across town on the same day, but you do want to pay attention.  Usually, the movers will give you a window of their time of arrival and it should be in your moving contract.

If the movers are late, there isn’t much you can do to speed up their arrival, unfortunately.  You’ll just need to keep in contact with the moving company – and the driver if you have his or her direct number.  Anything could happen – delays on the road, traffic, or even misdirection.  However, if you feel that the movers aren’t being straight with you, don’t hesitate to report them to the BBB and other organizations.

Another fear associated with moving is, “what if some of my stuff is missing?”  It is absolutely essential that when you move, you play an active role in ticking off the inventory as it comes through the door.  If a box or an item is missing, do not sign the waybill and make sure that the item is clearly marked for the moving company.

Jon Huser