What is Home Swapping?

What is Home Swapping?

Ever heard of home swapping?  No, it isn’t when you decide to switch homes with someone else and permanently move in.  Home swapping is a wonderful way to check out new locations without having to pay for expensive hotel fees or house rentals.

Home swapping works well for those who want to travel internationally.  In fact, it can also be a great way to relocate without having to work too hard to find a place to live if your relocation is a temporary one.  Anyone with a budget constraint might benefit from home swapping.

The Fundamentals

If you want to move overseas or to another destination for a short time but don’t want to stay in a hotel or pay a lot for a rental, home swapping might be a good idea.  There are online services that can help you find other people who are interested in a similar plan.  Just remember, home swapping is a two-way street – you will be, in essence, trading your home with someone else.  Yes, that means that someone will be moving into your house for a period of time while you live in his or her home.

Getting Started

If you don’t mind someone moving into your home while you live in his or hers, home swapping won’t bother you at all.  Getting started is pretty easy – just find a reputable home swapping site that you can register with.  As you consider home swapping, there are some realistic considerations:

  • Get to know the person that you’ll be swapping homes with.
  • Don’t keep any valuables in your home if you want to swap.
  • Make sure your insurance company covers home swaps.
  • Ask about pets.
  • Always have a contract.

Jon Huser