What to Do 1 Month before Moving

What to Do 1 Month before Moving

A lot goes into planning a move and relocation doesn’t happen overnight.  It is a good idea to get started with your planning as early as possible.  So, before you move, here are some things you should think about doing at least five or six weeks out:

  • Get your kids involved.  Make the relocation an exciting event for them.  Allow them to begin packing up their rooms.
  • Start collecting packing materials such as tape, packing blankets, boxes, and bubble wrap.
  • Cancel local deliveries if they are not necessary.
  • Call a veterinarian or two in your new city to determine if there are any specific requirements for your pets.  At this time, obtain your veterinarian records and transfer them to your new vet.
  • Begin registering your children in their new school.

The planning really doesn’t end until the last box is unpacked.  So, as you get closer to moving day, try and check off as much as possible to ensure that the entire experience goes as smoothly as possible.  About four weeks before moving, be sure to take care of the following:

  • If you are moving into a building, contact building management to schedule your move date and time.  There may be restrictions, so be prepared.
  • Contact your moving company to lock down the move date and time.
  • Fill out and submit your change of address form at your local mail office.
  • Close any of your local charge accounts.  Now is a good time to also change your mailing address for any bank statements, bills, and credit cards.
  • Set up disconnections and hook-ups for your utilities.

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