What to Do When You Move to Australia

What to Do When You Move to Australia

Moving to Australia is a big decision; there is no question about it.  But, once you have made that choice and planned everything out, it all comes down to the day you arrive.  That day can be a lot to deal with – everything is going to be new and different.  Here’s some stuff to remember once you arrive in Australia after relocation.

Upon Arriving

The first step upon moving to Australia is to deal with immigration.  You’ll need your passport, visa, and Incoming Passenger Card at this point.  The immigration official will record your paperwork and only then will you be able to collect any baggage that you traveled with.

Getting to Your New Home

If you are moving to Australia, you may have had your car shipped to your new country of residence or you may be buying a new car once you get there.  So, this means you’ll definitely need a valid drivers license.  Be sure to check for any restrictions.  After you get settled, you’ll be able to apply for an Australian license and learn your way around.  In the meantime, you may prefer to rent a car.

Dealing with Accommodations

Upon arrival, your new home may not be ready, so you’ve got to make sure you have accommodations for the night.  It is always a good idea to book such reservations in advance, but if you haven’t for some reason, you can do so at the airport.

Jon Huser