What Your Child Needs to Enroll in a New School

What Your Child Needs to Enroll in a New School

Anyone getting ready to move to either a new city, state, or country will need to know what their kids need to enroll in their new school.  If your kids aren’t already in school, just keep this information handy for when they are!

Many parents have found that keeping a file of their child’s educational history can help loads, especially during a relocation.  This file will also end up helping when your child wants to apply for university, enroll in an international school, or anything in between!

Here’s what you’ll need to keep track of, in case you move:

  • A list of all schools attended and when.  Keep their contact information handy.
  • Any letters from teachers or administrators praising your child.
  • Copies of all transcripts and report cards.  Originals with school seals are the best.
  • A list of all course outlines and textbooks.
  • Test results, including standardized test results.
  • Assignments from the three core areas of education (math, sciences, English).
  • Details of your child’s hobbies and extra-curricular activities.  Include any volunteer work here.
  • A list of special talents your child may have and any samples of their work (photographs, art, music, etc.)
  • A letter of reference from your child’s employer.
  • Copies of immunization records and most recent medical records.

Adding to this file, and maintaining it over the years, will make it a snap anytime you need to enroll your child into a new school after moving.

Jon Huser