Where Should Military Retirees Move?

Where Should Military Retirees Move?

Military retirees TexasHave you had a long career in the military? When you retire, have you thought about where you’d like to move?  This question, like so many others, must be answered before you retire so that you have a plan.  Remember, retirement should not be stressful, so why add the stresses of relocation to it when you don’t have to?

The U.S. Department of Defense recently released a report that lists the best cities in the United States for military retirees to move.  These cities provide a high quality of life in addition to maximizing the military benefits for former soldiers that are transitioning to civilian life.  So, what topped the list?

Believe it or not, Waco, Texas was the top city for military retirees.  Waco was followed closely by Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and then Austin, Texas.  These three cities had the best housing costs, lowest crime rates, economic stability, educational opportunities, and employment prospects.  In other words, these cities are the place to move if you are retiring from the military.

But remember, you don’t have to move to these cities just because they may be ideal for retiring military personnel.  It also depends on where you will be happy and what works best for you.  However, you will want to move to a place that allows you and your family to move beyond your former military life.  A new financial plan, community, and home is always a positive thing to look forward to.

– Jon Huser