Where to Raise Your Kids in Arizona

Where to Raise Your Kids in Arizona

Where do you want to move?  Well, if you are considering relocating to Arizona and have a family, you probably want to know where the best places to raise your kids are.  You can turn to many different studies that claim to have the answer, but what it really comes down to is the number of schools, crime rates, and the overall cost of living.

If you already live in Arizona, you might not need to read any further.  But, if you are getting ready to move to Arizona, you might want to consider Vail.  Vail, Arizona certainly isn’t the largest city in Arizona – it only has a population of about 4,805.

Just 22 miles southeast of Tucson, Vail has a lot to offer families wanting to move somewhere conducive to raising a family.  Vail has seven elementary schools, four middle schools, two regular high schools, one alternative high school, and two charter schools.  The Vail School District actually ranks pretty high among other districts in the country.

The growing community overlooks the Rincon Mountains and is close in proximity to the Colossal Cave Mountain Park as well as plenty of others.  Additionally, Vail is home to the prestigious Del Lago Gold Club, which features an 18-hole golf course.

So, if you are thinking of moving to a community that is great for raising kids, Vail, Arizona might be your best bet.  A close runner-up in the area might be Picture Rocks – so check that out as well.

Lance Grooms