Which Cities Have the Best Drivers?

Which Cities Have the Best Drivers?

Have you ever thought about which cities in America have the safest drivers and therefore the safest streets?  Well, according to Allstate’s annual survey, they happen to be out west.  So, if you are moving from the east coast to the west, you can look forward to safer drivers (for the most part!)

According to the survey, Fort Collins, Colorado is the city with the safest drivers – for the second year in a row.  How did Allstate happen to figure this out?  The insurance company looks at its car insurance claims in the largest 200 cities in the United States and determines the rankings that way.

Basically, the average driver in Fort Collins has an accident every 14 years or so.  The national average happens to be every 10 years.  Where do you fit in?

Did you know that where you live could influence your car insurance rates?  If you want to save on auto insurance, you might want to move to a city where the accident rate is somewhat low – like Fort Collins.  The fewer accidents in an area, the lower your rates will be.

Here are the top five safest cities for driving, according to the survey:

5.  Huntsville, Alabama
4.  Chandler, Arizona
3.  Lincoln, Nebraska
2.  Boise, Idaho
1.  Fort Collins, Colorado

All but one of the top five cities is west of the Mississippi River.  This makes sense – in rural regions the odds of having an accident just aren’t as high.  Moving to a less populated area means fewer people to crash into.

Just remember, though – moving to one of these cities won’t make YOU a better driver.

Jon Huser