Why Move to Sarasota

Why Move to Sarasota

Thinking of moving to Sarasota?Every year thousands of people move to Sarasota on the west coast of Florida.  Relocation is a difficult process, so the more you know about the area you are about to move to, the easier the transition will be for the whole family.  So, let us give you a little bit about moving to Florida’s cultural coast.

Sarasota has recently gained some perhaps unwanted and unfair attention.  The title sequence of the sit-com “Cougar Town”, staring Courtney Cox, zooms in from the outline of Florida to show Sarasota with a “Welcome to Cougar Town” sign.  Contrary to the theme of the show, Sarasota is a very family freindly city.

Sarasota has something for everyone.  The city is home to the Florida West Coast Symphony, the Asolo Theatre for the Performing Arts, and the Sarasota Ballet.  The city center also has plenty of charming little shops, casual and fine dining, and plenty of nightclubs.  While this may sound great for a vacation, you may be wondering what it’s like to move to Sarasota.

For those that love the beach, Sarasota has more than 35 miles of pristine shoreline as well as Siesta Key.  Because the city is along the coast, there is always plenty of sea-related fun to have.  Also, if you are looking for a job in the area and work in the boating, fishing, or hospitality industries, this is a good place to relocate.

As you look for a new home before you move, Sarasota offers a wide variety of residential properties ranging from high-rise condos to single-family homes meeting almost every price range possible.  There are golf course communities, waterfront communities, and everything in between.  And although many people tend to think of Orlando when they think of moving to Florida, Sarasota offers a laid-back, less congested urban area but all within a close proximity.

Lance Grooms.