Will Job Seekers Relocate?

Will Job Seekers Relocate?

As a recruiting manager you may be wondering if job seekers are actually really willing to relocate for an employment opportunity. The truth is, not as many job seekers are willing to move for work as in previous years.  In fact, the number of people looking for work and willing to relocate has dropped by about 35%.

So, what makes people less willing to relocate for a new job?  One of the leading factors behind such reluctance is marriage.  Many married couples are more reluctant to relocate when one partner is seeking work – even if the move would improve the chances of landing a job much faster.

Another factor that many out-of-town job seekers may be dealing with is the cost of relocation and loss of home value.  In years past, people would normally apply with companies all over the country.  Today, more and more local candidates apply for jobs because more and more companies just don’t offer the relocation compensation they used to.  More companies are simply offering a flat dollar amount for relocating employees or a “lump sum”.  Many companies no longer offer highly robust employee relocation packages.

It is interesting to note that the recession is probably not the entire cause for this unwillingness to relocate.  Technology may be another factor.  Advances in technology have made it possible for many people to work from home thus not requiring any type of relocation.

Technology has also made it possible for hiring managers to meet and interview candidates from a greater distance.  However, many companies today are still not comfortable with staff working offsite 100% of the time.  So, if an employee is unwilling to relocate in some way or commute full-time, they still may not actually get the job.

Lance Grooms