Will Perry and Mayer move in together?

Will Perry and Mayer move in together?

Since July last year, Katy Perry and John Mayer have been romantically linked. Now, Hollywood Life says that they are getting set to take the next step in their relationship and start cohabiting.  The celebrity couple have had their ups and downs since they first hooked up in the middle of last year, but Mayer, a notorious ladies man, is apparently intent on changing his ways in order to keep Perry.

“John wants to take his relationship with Katy to the next level,” a source told Hollywood Life.  “He has suggested to Katy that they get a place of their own.  He feels like she’s the one for him and wants to commit himself fully.”

The serial heartbreaker is allegedly excited about the prospect of him and his girlfriend making a move to live and make a home together.  “John is really into architecture and wants to create a ‘sanctuary’ for himself and Katy,” the source claims.

Such statements may come as a surprise to many, given the stories about Maier’s less than ideal boyfriend behavior since they started dating, but a cozy Christmas spent in Santa Barbara with Katy’s family may have finally tamed the notorious bad boy.  Aside from their impending relocation, the star couple has been making a number of appearances together of late and even saw in the New Year by mudding in Hawaii, with the pair looking thoroughly loved up as 2013 arrived on the scene.

Jon Huser