Will Smith’s NYC Apartment Up for Grabs

Will Smith’s NYC Apartment Up for Grabs

Wouldn’t it be nice to move to New York City for a few months, pay $55,000 per month in rent, and then move back to Los Angeles when you’ve had enough? Yeah, we think so, too.

That’s exactly what Will Smith has done. He moved into a NoHo apartment earlier this year while he worked on the third film in the “Men in Black” series. The 7,300 square foot apartment he shared with his family during filming is now up for grabs – for a mere $19.5 million. Ready to pay the bill and move in?

We don’t think there’s anything wrong with the swanky apartment, even if we don’t see Mr. Smith rushing to buy it – he finished filming then relocated back to LA. He and his lovely wife, Jada, own several posh pads around the U.S. – Los Angeles and Philadelphia are two of their favorite hometowns. In fact, the apartment is quite impressive and just hearing about it might make you want to move right in.

One of eight units in the NYC boutique building, the apartment Smith lived in has five bedrooms and 6 ½ bathrooms. The 90-foot living room has a wall of hand-finished Venetian bronze sliding windows and two wood-burning fireplaces. All five bedrooms have the coveted southern exposure. Throughout you will find hardwood floors, an office, another fireplace, and a balcony off the master suite.

So, if you’ve got $19 million to spare, why not consider hanging your hat where Will Smith once did? We’re sure the realtors are standing by to show you around.

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