With a Little Vision You Can Transform a Home

With a Little Vision You Can Transform a Home

Let’s face it, not every house on the market is a beautiful dreamscape.  In fact, some are just plain ugly.  So, if you are moving and want to transform the house you are buying into a real home, you’ll just need a little vision.  In fact, a fixer-upper can be a real opportunity for anyone wanting to make a house his or her home.

Moving into a bland-looking house isn’t the end of the world.  You just need to look at it and see its potential.  With a few upgrades, you can quickly modernize a house.  While many people think it is a good idea to start with the outside of the house, you’ll be surprised that it may be better to start from the inside.

The kitchen is usually one of the first rooms to be renovated in any home overhaul. Moving into a house with an outdated kitchen can seem like an expensive commitment, but with a few new appliances and updated counters and cabinets, you’ll be happy you did.  If the plumbing needs work, we suggest you start with that before gutting the kitchen and getting shiny new appliances.

Many homeowners save renovations to the outside of the house for last, especially if it is all cosmetic.  If there is nothing structurally wrong with the façade, then you will want to spend your time, energy, and finances on making the house sound inside first.  But, if you are getting ready to move out, always make sure your house has curb appeal!

Working on the house you move into can have many rewards.  You get a newer version of the house you invested in which means that investment will eventually grow – though you may want to wait until house prices appreciate in your area.  But you’ll also feel more at home after all the work has been done.

Jon Huser