Your Relocation Could Help Charities

Your Relocation Could Help Charities

Toward the end of the year, many people start thinking about making charitable donations. This could be because of tax purposes or simply because the holiday seasons evokes a feeling of generosity and giving. But, did you know that you could actually kill two birds with one stone if you happen to be moving?

Whenever anyone moves, there is always stuff that doesn’t need to go to the new house. A lot of people simply throw it all away. Others try to have garage sales. Making a donation to a local charity can be a great thing to do. People who donate their unwanted possessions can often write the donation off on their taxes and walk away with a general good feeling.

Many charities will also pick up your goods at no extra charge. So, why not schedule a pick-up for moving day? Many people want to get rid of things like clothes, electrical items, furniture and toys – all things that can make someone else’s holiday season a lot more special.

So, if you are moving to another home, either in this country or abroad, and have any stuff you might not want to take with you or put into storage, you should definitely consider donating it.  You can donate almost anything – old bedding, furniture, books, games, dishes, and everything else you can imagine!

Have you made a donation during a move? What did you donate?

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