A Mover’s Guide to Los Angeles

A Mover’s Guide to Los Angeles

If you are thinking about a long distance move to Los Angeles, you may find it helpful to know a little bit about the different neighborhoods the city has to offer.  Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the United States, so relocating to the area can be quite overwhelming.  As you plan your move, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular neighborhoods to help you narrow your choices.


If you are moving to Los Angeles and want a well-kept, beautiful family area, Brentwood is the place.  With an excellent school district with plenty of parking, Brentwood is located close enough to the beaches while still remaining part of the city.  If you are single however, Brentwood may not be as ideal as it is more of a residential family area.

Beverly Hills

Moving to Los Angeles can be expensive in many cases and if you want one of the most expensive areas in the city, you should take a look at Beverly Hills.  Although traffic and parking can be quite challenging, Beverly Hills has the best school district in L.A. and it is generally safe.

Downtown Los Angeles

The downtown area of Los Angeles can be a buzzing city center, but it can also be a little rough at night.  Downtown Los Angeles exudes a strong sense of community and is a little like New York City in that sense.  It is affordable and has a mix of school districts.  If you are moving from a large city, downtown may appeal to you.

Hancock Park

When researching Los Angeles for an upcoming relocation, many people don’t think of Hancock Park.  This charming area is filled with old houses that are beautiful to look at.  The neighborhood is fairly expensive, so if you are on a budget, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.


You can’t consider moving to L.A. without thinking about Hollywood.  Often, Hollywood is synonymous with L.A. though it is just a small part of the large city.  You’ll find plenty of nightlife, restaurants, and culture in this hip section.  Just be mindful of the traffic – it can get a little crazy.

West Hollywood

West Hollywood isn’t far from Beverly Hills, or anything else for that matter.  The parking is quite atrocious and the area can get quite loud at night.  If you are moving to L.A. to be a part of the “scene”, this is it.  If you want a quiet neighborhood for the family, you may want to consider Brentwood.

Miracle Mile

This is a great area for families with kids.  The charming houses were mostly built in the 1920s and therefore have a good amount of yard space.  The evenings are quiet and the school district is good.  This enclave is a peaceful spot to get away from the many distractions L.A. has to offer.

While this guide in no way covers every neighborhood of Los Angeles, it is a good start as you think about relocating.  When planning your move, you should take a look at your family’s needs and then use this guide as a start for further research.  Remember, a long distance move to L.A. can be stressful and exciting all at once – good luck!

– Jon Huser