Limited Liability Moving Protection

Limited Liability Moving Protection

Liability protection televisionIf you have chosen to hire a moving company for your home or office move, chances are you have been offered limited liability moving protection, at no charge if your mover is reputable.  So what exactly is this moving protection and what can it do for you?

Basically, limited liability protection is a basic carrier liability-release value that is required by law.  That means that the moving company is required to provide this to you during the move.  The limited liability protection is included in your base moving price and will never cost you any money.  If the moving company attempts to charge you for this protection, they may not be reputable.

The limited liability protection direct from the moving company is the most economical option available, but it usually does not offer much coverage and rarely, if ever, will cover the full value of your possessions.  It is, in essence, the minimal amount of coverage.

In most cases, limited liability protection will cover about 30 to 50 cents per pound, though it could be your state’s regulations and laws that mandate how much is covered on a local move.  However, if you are moving across state lines, the coverage could be up to 60 cents per pound.  So basically, if you have a long distance move and your 20-pound television set is destroyed, you will be entitled to about $12 for a replacement TV.

So, if you are getting ready to move, you may want to go beyond the limited liability moving protection that the movers are obligated to provide.  There are other options including checking out coverage on your home owner’s insurance policy, separate moving insurance, and purchasing additional coverage from your mover.

-Lance Grooms