Marisa Tomei Sued Over Leak

Marisa Tomei Sued Over Leak

Looks like Marisa Tomei might need her cousin Vinny to help her out of this mess.

The Oscar-winning actress (for My Cousin Vinny) has recently been sued for a water leak.  Apparently the apartment she’s lived in for quite a while has a water leak that has damaged two apartments beneath her own.  One of her neighbors is film director John Waters.

Last week, the insurance company representing Tomei’s neighbors filed a suit in a Manhattan court.  According to the suit, Tomei is to blame for the significant damage to her neighbors’ apartments due to negligence, which caused a massive leak back in September 2010 causing about $128,000 in damage.

The apartment building is located in New York City’s swanky Greenwich Village.

There is no word as to whether Tomei plans on moving out of the building due to this lawsuit or if she will stay.  There is no indication that any of the neighbors plan on moving out either.

It doesn’t look like anyone will move, or that anyone is really angry.  Waters has been reported as saying that it’s a simple “standard insurance claim” that is out of his hands.  There appears to be no animosity between the neighbors over this water issue.

Do you live in an apartment building where one of your neighbor’s has caused damage to your unit?  What did you do about it?

Jon Huser