What is Full-Value Replacement Moving Protection?

What is Full-Value Replacement Moving Protection?

Moving ProtectionWhen you are planning a move, whether it is across town or across the nation, you should be concerned about the protection of your possessions.  This is especially true if you are hiring a moving company for the entire relocation.  There are a couple of options for protection when moving.

Every moving company is required, by law, to offer limited liability protection for their moving customers.  This is the bare minimum of coverage and will very rarely even cover a significant portion of the value of your belongings.  So, if you want more significant coverage, you may want to opt for full-value replacement moving protection.

What is full-value replacement moving protection?  With this type of coverage, any items that are lost, destroyed, or damaged during the move will either be replaced, repaired, or a cash settlement offered; which of the three will always be at the mover’s discretion.  This protection plan is the most comprehensive available for during any relocation.

The cost of a full-value replacement plan will vary among moving companies.  In many cases, if you choose the higher deductible you will pay less for the entire plan.  It really depends on your budget, what you have to move, and the distance of your relocation.

When preparing your shipping document for your upcoming move, be sure to include a complete list of all your valuable goods and items.  If you do not, you may run the risk of not being able to take advantage of the coverage should anything happen.

– Jon Huser