Divorce rumors for Bruce and Kris Jenner

Divorce rumors for Bruce and Kris Jenner

Kris and Bruce Jenner divorce rumors are circulating yet again, according to RadarOnline yesterday.  The celebrity news site is reporting that a source told Star magazine that everything is not as rosy as it might have seemed with the star couple.

The source is claiming that Bruce is in the process of having both himself and his two daughters, 15-year-old Kylie and 17-year-old Kendall, move out of their family home, which is located in Calabasas in the US state of California, because the youngest members of the family are having too much pressure put on them by Kris. Bruce thinks that Kris is putting their careers ahead of everything else, which is having an adverse affect on the teenage girls.

“Kylie and Kendall broke down crying to Bruce,” the alleged source apparently claimed to Star magazine.  The magazine went on to say that Bruce has family support in the conflict, with Khloe, Robert and Kourtney all taking Bruce’s side in the argument.

Kourtney is apparently sick and tired of her mother attempting to control everything about her own relationship with her fiancé, Scott Disick, with whom she has had two children.  “The family really is in an all out war,” the source claims.  Whether or not the divorce stories or the rumors about the move out of the family home for Bruce and his young daughters are true or are just pure speculation remains to be seen.

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