Suleman to move to Palmdale

Suleman to move to Palmdale

Nadya Suleman, or ‘Octomom’ as she is better known, saw her previous home foreclosed on, which was something that made her already perilous financial situation even worse.  Now, however, things are certainly looking up for the celebrity as she prepares to move to a new home.

Suleman has decided on relocation away from the Los Angeles area, announcing several weeks ago that the new home that she has decided to rent is located in none other than Palmdale in California.  The star has apparently put down eight months worth of rent and seems to have finally found a place for her and for her family.

The celebrity previously lived in a suburban area in Los Angeles, which was one that was very accessible to the paparazzi.  This is all about to change, however, with Suleman moving north of Los Angeles to a community that is near to the big city but still quite a drive just to even get to the area.  Although commuters certainly travel these roads on a daily basis in order to live in Palmdale and work in Los Angeles, it is far enough away from the city to possibly even be considered to be a slightly rural area.

For Suleman, the many miles between her new place and Hollywood could well prove to be a positive thing, meaning that photographers would have to travel to the area solely to look for her as there are no other celebrities living nearby. This decision will allow her to make new friends and for her children to get a fresh start.

Jon Huser